Thursday, August 16, 2012

Only One Week Left

It is another beautiful day here. Day after day of sunshine (and wind...). There has been rain in the forecast several times but it never materialized, or if it did only for an hour or two and not the whole day, or perhaps even just overnight. We've been lucky every year we've been here.

In the bathroom this morning there was a woman carefully blowdrying her hair. How sad I thought. She probably never experiences the wonderful feeling of cold water  on her head when she's swimming - she's probably too busy worrying about her hair. Not I! My hair hasn't seen a blowdryer, except for at the hair dresser,for years and years. I much prefer the wind.

We have new neighbors on both sides over the last two days - an older couple from Virginia with one little dog. The people behind us just arrived this afternoon. They have a big doodle type dog, and a little white maltese type dog. When we walked past them with our dogs there wasn't one peep out of them. I'm jealous! The couple across the road from us (Bill & Brenda) go home tomorrow so we'll get new neighbors there. We've had good luck so far - let's hope it holds out!

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