Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gaslight Campground

3:15 pm
  After a (reasonably) good sleep, Mom and I left Graham's place to do some running around. Our first stop was the Gaslight Campground which is not too far from Graham's. It is a city run campground and actually quite lovely. Mom and I drove around identifying the good sites (#42 for us next summer) so that we'd know what to book if everything pans out for the family reunion. Many of the cousins have campers and there are a few hotels not too far away so it is a great location for the reunion. It was decided not to have it in Buffalo cause there really isn't anything there (except the really excellent hall) - people would have to go all the way back to Medicine Hat, a 1 1/2 hour drive to find hotel space. Of course those of us with campers could just park out at the farm somewhere.

The campground backs onto a bicycle trail that runs all over the place, and I think it might also be an off leash dog area. The site that I picked out has a lovely view over the hills, as well as a big tree for shade (but no low branches). The campground is nicely laid out with clean washroom/shower facilities. Some of the sites are full service, but I think for the extra money I can go to the camp showers!

After the campground we drove out to the shopping area to find a Walmart (a giant one) so I could get some closed shoes and high socks to wear later today at the picnic. Dollarama was also visited. We could have been back in Ottawa for all the differences in the shopping areas... After there we drove all the way across town (12 minutes) to the Costco. It was the same as every other Costco I've been in. The hot dog was the same too. What was different though is that Mom ran into someone that she went to highschool with! They hadn't seen each other since forever, but both recognized each other and yaked for a while. They had been living in Toronto, but when they retired moved back to the Hat.

Now I'm just having a short rest before we go out to Riverdale (?) for a picnic. Graham and Barb have already left with the camper and a load of food. It should be a fun afternoon. 

I'll probably do another quick post tonight after we get back from Riverdale!

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