Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now

The rain isn't gone, it was never really here - but the humidity is out of the air. The sky is an impossible blue, with clouds on the horizon - I think it must often be cloudy on the south shore of the lake.  The water was clear this morning, but now with the wind picking up there is a roughness to the water that catches the sun just right to create a sparkling surface.

Yesterday was Windy. Very Windy. We holed up inside the camper. I put my glasses down on the table when I went for a swim, but they blew right off! Isn't that insane! The water yesterday was really wavy and fun to bob around in. And it was still warm feeling. This morning was another story - burrrr, burrr, burrr. But we still went :-) Hardy Canadians that we are.

The bad thing about this site is it catches every breath of wind - there is just no getting out of it. The good thing though is even if we are inside (out of the wind) I see water and only water out of all the windows I see from the sofa. It's nice.

Last night we picked up my Uncle Ken and took him out for supper. He lives in this area, we had hoped to have him to the camp for the day, but every free day we've had it has either been calling for rain (but never rained), or windy like crazy. At least we got to have a visit with him, even though it was short.