Friday, August 31, 2012

On a Clear Day you can REALLY see forever!

10:45 - we are in Elkwater, just leaving the Horseshoe Canyon lookout. Elkwater is an unusual geographical area - it is almost a mountain, with totally different flora than the open prairies. The view was from the top of the "mountain" looking out over the flatlands below. I am having trouble coming up with words to describe the feelings from looking out at such a view. The soul soars.

The first photo is not from here (I took photos only with my camera), instead we are looking out the other way, towards the Sweetgrass Hills (see second photo). Another place to build a house - imagine waking up to a view like that every morning.

12:33 - we are on our way back to the Hat. We had a lunch at the lodge in Elkwater (thanks Leif!) and then Mom drove Leif and myself around the town and some of the campgrounds. It is a pretty spot with views everywhere. The lake is nice, with a beach at each end, there is also a paved walking trail. I think spending a week here next summer would be nice ;-)

On our drive right now I was trying to think of how to describe looking out to such far visions make me feel - bear with me while I get all maudlin. Firstly a calmness comes over me, it's as if all other things and worries evaporate leaving just a peace and a feeling of oneness with the land. I suppose that because I know I am leaving soon tears prick my eyes and my heart chokes me. I feel this sometimes on our farm, but not to the same extent, and not the same oneness. Okay, I'll stop babbling nonsense now!

9:20 pm - We are back at Graham's after having said goodbye to the Norwegians. We had spent so many hours with them over the last few days that we'd gotten to know them quite well so it was sad to say goodbye. Maybe someday we'll see some of them again? I hope so.

This afternoon Arne interviewed Uncle Olaf, capturing the conversation on videotape. Uncle Olaf remembered many stories of his time at Skjenna in Norway and growing up on the farm in Buffalo. I'm glad some of these stories are captured forever.

After the interview we rushed over to Doris & Ed's (2nd cousins?) for a lovely supper. More stories about Skjenna were shared about unrequited love as well as enduring love. I think that Arne is very much a romantic...