Monday, August 6, 2012

A Typical Presquile Day

The day started early for me - the dogs wanted out at 7:30 so I strapped on my sandals, leashed up the dogs and quickly walked to the grass parking lot at the end of the road - the pooping field! It was sunny with a very light breeze. So delightful to be walking along the water that we continued down the road for a while. By the time we got back to the camper Carm was up and the coffee was on.

We lingered over our cup of coffee and a few breakfast cookies and then loaded everyone into the truck for a trip to the lighthouse walk. It was busy along that stretch but with the sun blazing and a nice breeze off the water we could think of no where else we wanted to be. The 5km walk flew by! There were times last summer that I could hardly manage it (I think there was something wrong with me). We stopped at the lighthouse so the dogs could soak their feet in the lake and then before we knew it we were back in the truck.

We were starving when we got back to our site, but we hadn't  set up the awning or the shade tent yet so we got those all sorted. We have lots of shade! The wind was fairly mild - we felt comfortable putting out the awning (oh, but how long would that last...).

Lunch was a few hot dogs and a blueberry smoothie. Not exactly health food (the smoothie was), but we were hungry! By the time lunch was on the table we were hanging onto our buns to keep them from blowing into the next county. And that wind made it cool feeling. Today was one of those days when you want to be in the shade cause the sun is strong... but... it is too freaking cold with the wind blowing! I tried joining the dogs down at ground level and that helped, but it was still chilly. I held out for a while but then took my book inside. What??? Sitting inside the camper on such a beautiful day? How can this be? At least we have lots of big windows that look out over the water so it didn't seem like a hardship.

By now the wind was blowing a gale so we put away the awning, but kept up the shade tent. If it gets blown to smitherings it is $100 to replace, an awning would be over $1000, if not two...

We were feeling antsy so went out for a drive to check out some land for sale. Nothing promising. (I told you we'd look!)

Supper eaten inside - WAY too windy - the cutlery would blow off the table! So we just watched some Olympic updates. Where did the evening go? It was time to walk the dogs again and off to bed.

Oh, by mid evening the wind had died down and I could sit outside for a while. And there you have it, lovely days, with tons of wind. We'll probably do a repeat tomorrow!