Sunday, August 5, 2012

Daydream Believer

8am - rain stopped so it was time to get up and get this "show on the road". First step, give Grace her breakfast so she has time to get a good meal eaten before the long drive. Next, get the dogs outside for their little walk around the field - that should empty them out nicely for the ride. Be sure not to mention car-ride or camping so they get their business done and don't just run to the truck to wait.

Next, start loading the last minute things into the camper - stuff like our pills, our electronics chargers, tablets (except mine which will ride in the truck), bananas, two tier fruit/veg basket, etc., etc., etc.... (omg how much stuff do we really need)

Break for coffee and toast while waiting for the pouring rain to abate... (and it was POURING - a deluge), and then the last last last stuff to be loaded - frozen dog food into the cooler,  modem, pvr & remote, blah blah blah).

Then Carm put the last of the chemicals into the pool and covered it.

Then he shut the house down (water pump breaker off, hrv off, heat pump off).


10:20am - we were on the road, just 20 minutes past our scheduled departure time - not bad considering the rain... Of course there was a wicked head wind - average mileage was 9.8mpg. Not great. We've done as well as 13mpg towing – Carm wondered if there was something wrong with the truck, but when we got to Presquile we could see that it was the WIND.

We pulled off into one service center to try setting up the modem (with it's wifi) in the trailer using an inverter to power it. I was surfing on my tablet as we drove which seems pretty cool to me!

20120805_drive-to-presquile_004The roads were mostly been dry, but we did go through bits of rain here and there. (Hopefully the rain holds off for when we get to the campsite!)

The weird thing about driving is watching the landscape pass by the window. I feel so remote and detached from what I am seeing, almost like it was on a tv screen. I wonder if I normally feel like that or if it is my mood playing tricks on my perception.


Speaking of moods - today is much better, and with Daydream Believer by the Monkees playing in the background it is hard not to feel upbeat.  I've always liked going for a drive - it's on my emergency to do list - and with the added bonus of going camping it's just great. We also started talking about our trip out west next summer - I feel really excited about that! It is a dream trip for me - Alberta is my spiritual home. I guess I'm still a bit wonky though - thinking about that trip gives me a big gulp of emotion!

4pm - we are all set up, even the satellite. Of course it started raining lightly as soon as we pulled into our site, but it wasn't that bad. We are here! Hurrah! And a little rain will hardly put the damper on that :-)
Later on it cleared so we were able to go for a little walk, and eat our supper outside – complete with a bottle of pink bubbles!

Oh, I could hide 'neath the wings
Of the bluebird as she sings…. Now you know how happy I can be.

the Monkees