Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drive, drive, drive

7:08pm Alberta time
  We are driving down to Medicine Hat... it's a long way... especially after sitting so long already...

We passed the turnoff to Drumheller which was funny cause we had had such a good look at it earlier in the day. I mean, we flew RIGHT OVER it - we actually circled it, with us on the down side of the plane. We couldn't have had a better tour if we asked for it. Very cool, and there will be photos at some point - but maybe not till I get home.

I haven't cried (yet), but the prairies are lovely. They are so green this year as they've had tons of rain. It was interesting flying over all of this and seeing the land dotted with sloughs.

For those of you not familiar with this area of the country - it is not flat. Not by a long shot. And when you reach the top of one of the hills, laid out before you is another beautiful vista. I tried to capture them on my camera but it just isn't possible - I'd need a surround lens. I could sit at the top of one of these hills and look out for the rest of my days.

Later in the night
  We arrive in Medicine Hat and get to Uncle Graham & Aunt Barb's. As we come through the door we can see that the Norwegians are already here. I'm exhausted as it is already 2 hours past my regular bedtime, but greetings must be said and a quick visit done. They know so much about our family history. Arne, the owner of the original family farm has done much to restore it (many of the buildings are over 400 years old). He seems interested in knowing as much as he can about the people who called it their own before him. We feel lucky that it is in such caring hands.

Finally off to bed for a fitful sleep...