Saturday, December 29, 2012

And the Snow Continues to Fall

We never did make it outside to snowshoe, but instead spent a fair amount of time shovelling this morning! The back deck was still knee deep from the storm the other day and we wanted to make sure to get it off before there was much more to remove, or worse, melted a bit and got heavy. In the summer we celebrate having a 58'x16' deck... in the winter, not so much celebrating is done. Carm is our main muscle, but I tried to help out a bit where I could.

What are the odds - Carm was looking for the key for the secondary back door lock and out of a baggie full of keys hit a home run with the first key! He should have bought a lottery ticket today!

The snow came down lightly all day, not enough to need the laneway cleared, but enough to make the roads snow covered. We were glad to not have to go anywhere farther than the village. We made the cardinal mistake of going grocery shopping while we were starving... there will be some extra yummy treats for supper on New Years Eve! And then since we were in town, and starving, and oh, we did all that shovelling, we treated ourselves to chicken shwarma sandwiches. I don't think they were outrageously bad, but they weren't in line with the fast that I had planned for the day!

Tonight we decided to do something different and turn off the tv for a game night. Out came the backgammon board and the fun began. It isn't exactly fair though as Carm has spent billions of hours in the past playing while I have played rarely. It got boring after he won x number of games in a row! But even though I was losing, I think I was starting to learn some strategy, so next time I'll do a bit better. Losing or not, it was a fun alternative to CNN!

When you love someone all your saved up wishes start coming out.
Elizabeth Bowen

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