Sunday, December 23, 2012

Back to Blog Beginnings

I've been realizing over the last several days that I've forgotten what my original purpose of writing my blog was. I started out wanting to remember the small pleasures in life, and writing about them everyday was going to keep them in my mind, but it seems I've strayed. Even Carm mentioned today that I don't seem to put as much of myself into my posts as I used to. He's right. Many days lately I've struggled to find anything to write, let alone something meaningful or something about my idle pleasures.

Perhaps the void is due to my mood, but maybe my mood would be improved by focusing on all the things for which to be grateful. I've read in several places that writing or saying what you are grateful about is beneficial to happiness. Last spring we started saying "Grateful" at suppertime, but it never stuck- now would be a good time to give it another go.

One of my dearest idle pleasures is music. Right now I'm watching a program with Andrea Bocelli singing - sometimes with kids and sometimes with a choir, and now with Natalie Cole - WOW. I love listening to this kind of music. Imagine being able to sing like that - a gift from the Gods for sure.

I loved the feeling of the soft lefse dough as I rolled it out. It was so silky and cool. I loved that Carm and I were working on it together.

This afternoon I had the dogs in the field where they raced around like maniacs. I laughed and laughed as they shared their joy of life.

Eating supper tonight was a pleasure. The colours of the green beans, paired with the unique flavour of the preserved lemons, rosemary and garlic was just heavenly. Simple quinoa made with chicken stock and just a dash of lemon juice was the perfect accompaniment. It truly was divine. And what made it even better was knowing how healthy it was. How could something that tastes so good be so good for you?

Am I on the right track? I feel better already!

Merry Christmas to everyone.