Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Wind Ripped

The wind ripped at my cheeks this morning on our daily trek, making it perfectly clear that winter is here. I had thought to put a hat on, but what I really needed was a scarf. With my head down and my hands over my cheeks I made my way along the path as quickly as possible. The dogs weren't dilly dallying either.

The sun was out in full force making for a bright day. I love our house when the sun is blazing into the windows. Dawn, Spike's breeder, came by for lunch - Spike always remembers her and gets so excited. He also impressed by bringing me my socks when I mentioned that my feet were cold ;-) He's just so darn cute.

With the sun still shining brightly we went out for a second walk around the field (this time with hat, scarf & mitts!) after we closed the gate behind Dawn. The last few days I've been having a smoothie for breakfast rather than the toast I had gotten into the habit of having - I have so much more energy with just the smoothie! Grace loves it too and puts her head back for me to spoon it into her mouth as if she were a baby - she's so cute.

May you live all the days of your life.
Jonathan Swift

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