Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lefse in the Bag

After a near melt down when it was discovered that we didn't have much white flour, I got a start on the lefse while Carm went to town for some more flour. I don't know how I overlooked this important ingredient, but since we rarely use white flour I just assumed we had lots. Wrong! Crisis was averted and we did a marathon session in the kitchen rolling and cooking. I'm the roller and Carm's the cooker. It goes pretty well with two people. We made 68, and sampled a few to make sure they were okay (they were). Norwegian Christmas Eve meal is my favorite part of Christmas :-), lutefisk and all!

We veered away from Norwegian fare for our supper. We had roasted green beans with preserved lemon and rosemary, with quinoa on the side. Oh my it was good! I don't know what nationality that would be? Maybe Moroccan. I'm thinking I can make it Italian enough to be our vegetable side dish on New Years Eve (or do you think that's stretching it a bit?)

We've been watching a series called "Two Greedy Italians" - it has 2 older Italian men as the hosts, I believe they are chefs, and they travel around Italy making food and eating it of course. They are a couple of characters. Carm loves it cause he can understands the Italian that they speak, and it reminds him of growing up. A trip to Italy MUST be in our future!

Happy Tails!

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  1. It must be a guy thing that I have never panicked over a flour shortage:)