Monday, December 17, 2012

Singin' in the Rain

the freezing rain that is...

Today has been a day to bundle myself on the futon and watch movies as the freezing rain drizzled down. Lucky for me a light hearted romp was showing - Singin in the Rain. I might be simple in the head, but I like these mindless movies with all the singing and dancing. And Donald O'Conner (who I always mix up with Danny Kaye) is always a treat to watch. The only thing that would have made it a more perfect afternoon - snuggling up with my nieces to watch the movie. They would love all the singing and dancing. We would have had popcorn and hot chocolate too.

Yesterday we headed into town as the snow started to fly. I spent the afternoon at my parents where Mom made Norwegian rosettes, Carole (my sister-in-law) made shortbread, and I just helped Erik and Juliette (niece and nephew) decorate their gingerbread houses. With snow falling and Christmas music playing we had a lovely afternoon. The snow was falling pretty heavily as we headed home, but as we turned into the driveway it switched to freezing rain... home in the nick of time!

Wisdom begins in wonder.


  1. What smiles your photos of the kids with their gingerbread houses brought to me. Not sure where you're at... glad we're not where it's snow and freezing rain... but can surely appreciate your snuggling up on the couch and enjoying the kids. Wonderful!

  2. I have often made Rosettes. Love them. I gave my iron to my daughter last year and I don't think she has used it. Maybe I'll get it out when I'm down in San Diego visiting.