Monday, December 3, 2012

Sixty and Four

Carm is in the kitchen finishing up the last of the dishes, I'm in my pjs ready for bed as soon as I post my update. Tonight we had friends over to celebrate Marie's birthday. Vashek and Marie, plus Trudie and Leo, joined us for an evening of dining, wining, whining and fun. Marie brought over a bottle of bubbles for us to help toast her into her next year, she also got to "sparkle" with a sparkler as well.

Partway through the night I realized that this is MONDAY night and we are having a dinner party complete with sparklers and bubbles. MONDAY!!! Will the knowledge that I can do anything on a "work" night get old? I think not!

Happy Tails!

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  1. A few more years into retirement and you won't even remember what day of the week it is... or care. Mondays? just another day. Enjoy!