Saturday, September 19, 2015

Deirdre Who

We had a most welcome guest today - my friend Deirdre drove down (or is that up?) from Ottawa to spend the day with us. I've known D. since 1983 or 4 when she started work for the same department as I. It didn't take long for us to find out we had a shared interest in (among other things), horses. In 1995, the year after Carm and I moved into our house, Deirdre and I found a place to 1/2 lease a few horses. We spent that autumn and winter enjoying our new mounts. Spring brought a new focus to our riding - we were going on a cattle drive that summer!

Deirdre was with me for the most exciting adventure of my life. I don't have words about the cattle drive now - that will come in a story by itself.

Deirdre and I went for a walk after lunch, letting the dogs have a stretch - while we were en-route the sky started spitting at us, not badly but I guess the wind had also picked up forcing Carm (who had stayed back in the camper), to pick up Grace and bring her inside. He got a good bite for his kindness…

If my post is disjointed it is because I'm writing it at the same time that I'm watching a Dr. Who re-run. The new season starts tonight!