Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Summer Lingers

The trees stubbornly defy autumn's arrival, the tips of their green crowns only tinged with auburn. The sun burned down, tricking me into believing that summer was never going to leave, that this was the year all those birthday wishes would finally come true.

Last night Carm built a blazing fire - something we rarely do. We pulled our chairs close to the heat leaving our backs towards the cool night air and roasted weiners and marshmallows. My hotdog was charred in places and while I wanted to think it was the best thing I'd ever eaten, it sat like a lump in my stomach. Ambrosia appeased my senses. The sticky sweet melt of roasted marshmallows made up for the deficiencies of the main course. I crouched by the fire and greedily ate more than my  share. Ah! The life of the cave man!

Today has been lazy (as if stating it makes it seem like the other days haven't been equally indolent). We took the dogs for a long walk but by the 1/2 way point we were all slowing our pace and tongues were lolling pink (not people tongues silly!). I've been trying not to think about it, but we go home tomorrow. I never feel ready to leave, and remind myself that we have only a week in the sticks and bricks before our next camp.

Presquile is really nice, in fact it is spectacular, but there is a quiet beauty here. The sites are large and there is lots of greenspace. It isn't unusual (on a weekday) to go for a walk and not see another car, bicycle, or person. Weekdays see less than a dozen campers filling the 300 sites. Our walks are relaxed and the dogs don't have to move in tight formation. Some of the roads we travel are lined with oaks, their acorns attracting platoons of squirrels which drive the dogs crazy - they almost drag me over when one passes a few feet infront of us.

The camper next to us is a class C with new owners - it is their first time out and they have lots to learn. Carm was able to help them with a few things before they made any blunders. Across from us is Bob, whom we've seen in previous years - his wife drops him off at the beginning of the week and he 'batchelors' it for the week, his cute grey dog by his side. We haven't met the other people across from us aside from a smile and wave. Some people are social while others keep to themselves.