Friday, September 4, 2015


A squadron of small, red dragonflies roosted on the fence this afternoon, their gossamer wings fluttering in the breeze. I wondered if they were newly pupated (is that what dragonflies do?) and were drying their wings in the sun. Larger ones darted about, their aerial maneuvers amazing. I counted 15 at one time while writing this paragraph.

A cold front moved in last night, clearing the haze, but still leaving us with a high of 28C. Nice! The horizon is a sharp pen line now, and not drawn with a pale blue pastel. The boundary between sea and sky is distinct. There are small whitecaps in the distance, smudges of white-out against a blue background. It really is lovely out.

It was comfortable in the shade here so we didn't go for our swim till late in the afternoon when Brenda came by. The water was perfect, and I think cleaner, as the wind has shifted and is no longer coming directly from High Bluff Island, or more accurately cormorant catastrophe (the air stinks when it comes from there).

After nearly a week of short walks we took the dogs to lighthouse lane for a proper walk through the two long clearings. It isn't a really long walk - 3km at the max - but we were all tuckered out at the end. I ran with the dogs a bit to give them a chance to stretch their legs, and at one particularly large grassy area Carm let Bella off her leash to get some of the crazies out. She may be the oldest, but she is definitely the most energetic.

The wind did not play a role in our activities today, although it did make itself known at times.