Thursday, September 3, 2015


Spiders. Presqu'ile is synonymous with spiders. Their invisible webs are strung on the fence, between the rosemary plant and Grace's cage, in the corners of the shade tent, on the side of the slides, around the windows, everywhere that there are two things that can be joined by the gossamer threads. It was here that I overcame my strong aversion to the arachnids (the small ones anyway - big vicious looking spiders still give me the heeby jeebies).

Why so many spiders? Food. Lots of food. Tiny little morsels of tasty delight. Last night the weather was perfect for the midges/no-see-ums. Warm, no wind - the air was thick with them, and this morning spider webs everywhere were highlighted with the bodies of these fleeting creatures. Our screens were blocked with carcasses; there were some that had lived the night on our ceiling. Carm vacuumed the inside, while I took my little hand-held outside. There had been a galactic battle with many casualties.

Earlier last evening it was perfect for eating outside (before the legions), and later visiting with friends (with a light to draw the we-can-see-them-since-they-are-flying-in-hordes).

Today, as the afternoon wore on, and the land heated up, a slight breeze picked up, leaving the water flat like a Venetian glass mirror, framed by a mosaic sparkling in the sun. It is funny how the breeze doesn't seem consistent over the entire surface, but chooses to leave large swaths untouched.

The whole day was a fantastic. As of 3:30 pm we'd been in swimming twice. I'm like a beluga whale frolicing in the water: fat, white, and looking like I'm having a good time! Carm estimates the water to be in the mid 70s F - it is perfect: cooling but not cold. Refreshing. A bit stinky, but refreshing.

Bill and Brenda joined us for a late afternoon pre-dinner drink. We sat at our site, the view of the water magnificent and a light breeze, barely strong enough to ruffle the hairs on my arms.

All it needed to be perfect was a waiter serving mojitos or iced apple ciders, and salty snacks.

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