Friday, September 18, 2015

Prime Numbers

The inevitable march of time has pushed me past my 53rd year and into my 54th. But hold the boat! Don't tell me I'm in my 54th year! I'd rather just say that I'm 53 - it sounds slightly better. The fact that I'll be 60 in just 7 years frizzles in my brain, but being in my 60th year in just 6 years is totally mind blowing.

I did have a lovely day (at this age a birthday truly is a celebration). It started with the alarm clock at 7:15 (that part wasn't so great), taking the dogs for a walk and then driving home. We were getting a few windows fixed (finally) and best of all it was the first writing group meeting after the summer break. I loved seeing the ladies and Don after such a long break. There was hardly enough time to catch up on news. Hopefully next week some of us will get together for lunch.

The work on the windows was still underway when I got back home. The half-moon windows were challenging with their arch of trim and mouldings. I'm pleased to say that the job turned out great, and the workers left just in time for us to get back to camp for the next round of fun.

We met Marie, Vashek, Trudie and Leo at Sol d Alcopoco for a festive supper. I was surprised with balloons and flowers on the table and a lovely gift basket filled with jars of preserves of all sorts. Chutney, red pepper jelly, apple sauce, corn relish, maple syrup and peaches will be a taste of summer this winter. Trudie made a fruit cobbler, complete with too many candles for dessert. I'm afraid I was a bit tipsy from all the fun by the time we got back to the camper but I still had to walk the dogs in the pitch dark!

I saved the sparklers for tonight. I'll push one into the sand and as it burns down think about how wonderful my life has been. I am blessed with so much.

This morning Carm went golfing with the guy in the next camper. They didn't even know each other's names when they loaded their clubs into the back of his truck, but I have no doubt that didn't last long. I spent the day doing writing practices, lollygagging on my tablet, walking the dogs and even snuck in a short nap.

Summer's steamy embrace is lingering for yet another glorious day. It is another scorcher! I have an old bedsheet clipped to the awning to give me some shade. It's a cobbled together mess, but does the job. We have an official version but it is more trouble to set up - it is hard for me to do it myself - so I left it folded in its bag in the front storage compartment.

Each golden day was cherished to the full, for one had the feeling that each must be the last. Tomorrow it would be winter.  ~Elizabeth Enright