Friday, September 25, 2015


Just for kicks last night we watched a bit of 'Dating Naked'. It was weird and stupid and inane but like a car wreck we slowed down to watch the carnage. I had to wonder… who the HELL would sign up for this!!!!! What man could stand there fighting with another man about his cowboy hat - naked. We could hardly tear our eyes away but couldn't keep watching.

We made it home with summer sun in our rearview mirror. Today is cloudy, cool and windy, and the honking of overhead geese heading south was keen.  It was the kind of autumn day when you put on chapstick and a windbreaker for a walk, or better still, curl up inside with a book.

Neither walk nor book were on my agenda today as the infernal, never-ending preparations for the next trip started. I reloaded staples and other sundries. I tidied nooks and crannies, bringing into the house the odds and ends that are no longer used (sadly, there weren't many of these). I even waxed the hardwood floor. One of the lovely things about a camper are the manageable chores. It takes less than 15 minutes to vacuum or wash the floors, same again for dusting or washing walls and trim.  There isn't much re-provisioning required for the next trip and I already have my list arranged (well, let's be honest - partially arranged) which will leave time for doctor appointments, clipping the poodles, and other non-camping activities.