Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Humidex 36C

I had to get out the cooler bandanas today! September 16th and 36C with the humidex.

Even though they'd only been home for a couple of nights the dogs were excited when they saw us preparing this morning. They weren't disappointed - at 11am they were loaded into the truck for the short journey to our new home. The 40 minute drive was a far cry from the 4 hour drive to Presquile, and we only passed a few cars going the other direction. Simple, close, and comfortable. Our site here (the usual one for Sept and Oct) is a huge sandy ant hill, but it drains well and has a good aspect.

By the time we were finished setting up more than our brows were drenched. Water and then an icy adult beverage cooled us perfectly. One of the wonderful things about having a camper is the ever changing "backyard". No wide expanse of horizon for us here, instead our yard is park-like with big trees and lots of grass. We have a glimpse to the St. Lawerence but it pales in comparison to the water at our last stop.

We see the odd flock of Canada geese, but I am saddened to say that they are being driven away - too many people have complained about the droppings. Next they'll be complaining that there are too many squirrels. Spike, Bella and Kabira think there are too many and say that they'd be happy to catch some just to help out.