Saturday, September 12, 2015

the jet stream

The jet stream swooped low over the province bringing colder tempretures and, yes, rain. Our last full day here and we are bundled up inside with the fireplace adding warmth and ambience. Spike was curled up against me anytime I was sitting on the sofa, while Kabira cuddled up in her outfit. Bella doesn't feel the cold like the others so kept her distance from the fireplace.

After a quiet morning reading and doing stuff on my tablet we went into town to meet Brenda and Bill at the Smokehouse where they treated us to a farewell lunch. We went back to their house for a while but the time eventually came to leave. Lots of hugs and promises to visit over the winter before our truck rumbled down the road.

We had to wait for the rain to abate to pick up the fence and do a few other things to prepare for our sad departure tomorrow.

There is something about the rain - it seems to have broken the Presqu'ile spell, making it easier to leave. At least that's what I'm telling myself.