Tuesday, September 8, 2015


A lamentation of swans glided in the water off-shore this morning. There are huge flocks of them on the lee side of the peninsula, but they do visit our windward side occasionally.

The swans weren't the only ones lamenting… this afternoon we helped Bill and Brenda take their trailer home as they were cutting their camp short. Since late Saturday night Bill has been suffering with something - emergency thought a uti. Fever and chills, etc. had kept him bed bound and unable to eat for the last few days - today he decided he wanted to go home. That's where we stepped in. Carm hitched and drove their trailer to their house in Brighton. I just drove our truck with the bikes and fridge - not a terrific amount of help but still necessary. We had been having so much fun with them, it was sad to see them go, especially in these circumstances.

It was hotter than hades today, especially away from the lake. There was just a ruffle of breeze. The water was still, and the perfect temperature for swimming - which we did as soon as we were back from town. The grey never left the sky and at times seemed to merge with the grey water. It looked a bit like I feel on a bad day - featureless and dull. If you looked out of a window at the lake you might think that it was cold out, and maybe we were into September. Right on one count.

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.  ~Maya Angelou