Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It is the simple things

Yesterday the rain started soon after we finished clipping and bathing the dogs. Carm had gone outside with the compressor to see if he could blow air through the water tank air outlet on the camper. Humm let me explain better: there is a water fill opening on the water tank, as well as another smaller opening that lets the air out of the tank - kind of like how we put a hole on both sides of an apple juice can - we were worried that it was blocked. He was all set to do the test when the rain started. The rain poured down, for what seemed like hours before he could dash out to restart the experiment. Air blew out so we know the line is not blocked. We have some other experiments to try that we'll do in the spring.

Boy. That took a long time to explain. And was poorly done. But since this isn't meant to be a technical manual I'll not worry about it. Just know that something isn't working and we tried something to find out what the problem might be!

The poodles got their haircuts yesterday but it was touch n'go. We head out on a camp Thursday and the weather forecast is the pits so they'll be cold. I experimented with a blanket cut on Spike where I left the hair long on his back in a blanket shape, but Carm said it looked stupid and I had to agree. They'll just have to wear coats. It is nice to have that slightly onerous job done.

In my freestyle writing practice today I stumbled upon the idea of writing about pleasures, like I did at the beginning of this blog but have forgotten to do for ages. I think it is good to remind oneself about the large and especially small things in life that bring us joy or wonderment, or even simple contentment. Let's focus on the good things and not the bad.

My pleasure for yesterday was butternut squash risotto. The squash was from Trudie's garden and had been picked just a few days ago. Carm did the work of cutting it up, sparing me potential 'disfingerment'. It cooked on the stove in my favorite red cruet pot, bubbling away until it was the consistency of a thick mud which burped like a fumarole. But nothing else about it was like mud. It was a beautiful golden colour, not at all murky or grey, and the fragrance - oh! I ladled it into big flat bowls and topped it with some grilled tofu. It was pure comfort food with the added benefit of being good for us - a double comfort.

Today's pleasure was one that I often enjoy. This morning as I sat at my desk I quietly mentioned that my feet were cold. Behind me I could hear the clip of nails as Spike trotted down the hall. Soon he was by my side offering me thick woolen socks. I took them from him with a "thank you - you are very helpful" and a treat for his efforts. He is a darling when he isn't being naughty!

My other pleasure for today involved sugar and fat, both things that are bad for me. Carm and I went into the village to get our hair cut, and for a treat for enduring so much trauma (I can no longer delude myself into believing that all the light hairs are blonde - oh sure, there may be a few of those but the greater majority are GREY). To drown my sorrows we went to the bakery for a coffee and apple fritter - a deep-fried bready treat that has its innards criss-crossed with threads of cinnamon, and is coated with a glittering glaze of sugar. Each ambrosial bite is a trip to heaven. I guess grey hair isn't so bad after all (for the moment anyway).

Departing summer hath assumed
An aspect tenderly illumed,
The gentlest look of spring;
That calls from yonder leafy shade
Unfaded, yet prepared to fade,
A timely carolling.
-  William Wordsworth, September