Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ruth's Visit

Another beautiful day. Except for Saturday afternoon/evening we couldn't ask for nicer. It has been in the low 20s with skies saturated with the blue of autumn and decorated with fluffs of white cloud floating on a gentle breeze. This is some of my favorite weather. I love the sweltering days of summer when there is swimming, but also love these kind autumn days.

Sunday afternoon Ruth and the birds, Bailey and Cato, joined us for the night. They live almost 2 hours away so our visits are always overnighters. Carm took off for home leaving Ruth and I to enjoy our annual girls night. We started with a trip to Upper Canada Village where, among other things, we visited a quilt show. Wow - there are some really talented people out there! (even though Ruth didn't have a quilt in the show I would consider her one of the talented).

After strolling around the village enjoying the beautiful day we stopped at Luigi's for some take-out lasagne. The rest of the evening went much like most of our visits: all of us crammed into the camper, bird cages everywhere, bowls of chips, cheesies and dip filling the coffee table, 70s music taking us on a magic carpet ride to the past. I think we were more grown up about some things ;-) (is that a good thing or bad thing?)

This afternoon my mind is hazy with bright sun and stunned with the giant club sandwich that we had at lunch. It's telling me that I should have a nap, but I'm resisting…

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