Thursday, January 10, 2019

Puerta Vallerta

We had a FANTASTIC day on Wednesday with Uncle Graham. He lives in PV for a few months in the winter, right on the malecon (a boardwalk along the ocean). We took a cab from the ship (the 2nd one we got into - the first one doubled the price once we started driving!)

Graham was outside his place waiting for us - a welcome sight indeed. After a coffee and a quick visit with Barb, we walked and walked... up into the older part of the city which is populated with Mexicans. We walked through a flea market which was packed with colourful souvieners and beautiful Mexican fabrics - I got a multihued blue cloth that reminds me of the Pacific ocean.

He walked us along narrow sidewalks with curbs almost knee high and cobblestones to twist an ankle or stub a toe - I was thankful that I had chosen my practical but dorky keens instead of the more fashionable sandals that I brought on our trip.

We deeked into countless shops filled with pottery, jewlery, and other crafts. My eye was drawn to many things, in fact Carm had to practically drag me along or I would have spent all our money. I did settle for a pair of dangly blue earrings that caught my eye, but passed on a gorgeous necklace set in blue opal... $350US was too steep a price to pay!

We walked away from the ocean and up a path that led us past artists and cats lounging in the sun. A banyon tree shaded the street. Throughout our walk bouganvillia coloured the white buildings.

Tired - we had been walking for 2 hours - we plopped down at a table by the beach for a leisurely lunch of fish tacos and margaritas. A guy selling rides on a parasail was just down the beach from us. I'd watch the adventurous client come for a landing on the soft sand.

Some more walking brought us back to Grahams house where we had a few minutes to visit with Barb before we were on our way back to the ship in a local cab. ($10 for the two of us).

We LOVED PV (I won't try to spell it more than once). The people were so friendly and it was a riot of colours and smells. Dogs followed their owners without leashes and looked well cared for, although most were slender and not overfed. We were in a touristy area with vendors plying their wares, but none were persistant and a casual 'nada' would send them on their way. I saw a few things I would have liked to bring home, but I have to try for some restraint! The souvenir gene runs deep in me though and I found it hard to drag my eyes away from some of the treasures!

What made the visit especially special was our tour guide. Graham was a great guide and gave us a true 'bus man's' tour. We loved it!

We got back to the ship sticky and hot... and tired from hours of walking. Carm went to the pool for a cool dip, but I was too tired to even move from the bed. I lay there partially asleep and in some kind of stupor until Carm arrived back. I don't know how I did it, but I got washed up and changed for dinner.

We sat at a table for 8 (I would have preferred 2) but everyone was congenial so it was okay. Carm was wound up like crazy and babbled on and on. The other people seemed to think he was somewhat funny, but man!

After dinner we traipsed over to the Wheelhouse Bar where we watched a violin/cello duet until Andy & Edna joined us for a while before they headed off to dinner. We were due to go to the theatre for a magician, but honestly, once the band came on with the singer with the buttery, mellow voice, we skipped out of the theatre and stayed at the bar.

One of the cruise entertainment directors came and sat with us for a while, I think I mentioned her the other day. And then Andy & Edna were back. We stayed and listened to the band and danced until almost midnight!!!

Ship life is bubblewraped from reality. It seems unreal and I feel like I am floating in a sea of... oh I don't know what. Dinners, theatre, lounge with band... it is so far from a house in the country in the middle of winter.

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