Wednesday, July 27, 2011

6.8 km–whew!

This morning we managed to walk the whole lighthouse loop – that’s about 6.8 km or 4.1 miles. It wasn’t too hot out but none-the-less we were ready for a swim at the end of it. Even the dogs dipped their whole bodies into the lake. This afternoon will be a quiet one with icy drinks and good books.

We kept our eyes peeled for poison ivy and saw tons of it ... The route we took today was along a 1 way road with a wide bike lane. Staying in the bike lane keeps us off the grass and away from the nasty bits.

Camping is a funny thing – you leave your nice comfortable home with all the essential comforts and head out to where you are cheek to jowl with your neighbours, sharing public facilities, and “living” on a road busy with cars, trucks, bikes and kids, oh yeah, and poison ivy. And we pay big site fees for the privilege. Go figure!

I’m soon off to Margaritaville again and my book is waiting to be opened… or perhaps a nap is in order!