Sunday, July 24, 2011

Definitely A Do Over

What a lovely day we had, and if every day was the same it wouldn’t be the most awful thing. Today looks like it will be another great day – a bit cooler than yesterday, and perhaps less cloud/haze. The sun is sparkling off the water, the waves are swooshing on the shore, there isn’t too much wind. I don’t think it can get any nicer.

Last night’s supper of Pepperoncini beef was GREAT! It will definitely be made again (and again). I got the recipe from A Year of Slow Cooking (a great site for slow cooker recipes). It was basically just stick a roast into the crockpot, dump in a jar of pepperoncini's and voila, after 8 hours supper is ready. I made a few changes, first we pulled the stems from the peppers before dumping them in ; second, after the meat was cooked I pulled it out and then used my “magic bullet” to puree the sauce and peppers. I didn’t pull apart the beef at this point, but next time I will so the little strands have time to absorb the totally delicious sauce. It was just so tasty we couldn’t stop snacking on the meat but the good news is we have leftovers for at least one other supper.

We tend to head into town on a near daily basis so that we can hit up the grocery store for chicken legs for the dogs ($1.57 lb) and yesterday was no exception. I made Carm stop downtown so that I could check out Dragonfly, a cute little store that I did tons of shopping at last year – they have everything from purses, to jewellery, house stuff, hats, clothes, etc. They were all out of their summer clothes unfortunately, but I did score the goofiest hat on the planet! It’s practical though as it keeps the sun off my face. They are getting more stuff in next week so I’ll have to visit again.

This morning we did the 1/2 lighthouse walk again (1 hour) and immediately went for a swim again. Today the water was FRESH… i.e. cold! We were quickly refreshed. The dogs got their chance but only went in up to their knees.