Friday, July 1, 2011

Halfway through the 1st year

Yes, yesterday (Thursday) marked the 6 month point of retirement, that’s 1/2 a year done already, it seems impossible that that much time has gone by, but on the same token it seems like retired life is the norm. How has it gone? Great! There were some adjustments to make, and it did take a while to get the rush out (and I’m still working on that) but hurrah, it’s good. The other day in Costco we wondered why it was so busy, but then said oh yeah – it’s Friday… the girls standing behind us corrected us saying that it was Wednesday – we explained that we were retired and now everyday seems like Friday and so we never know what day it is :-)

I’m sitting at Riverside-Cedar, our closest favourite park, looking out the window at a Laker going by on the river (that’s a ship great lakes laker, not a basketball player laker!). We got here yesterday and set up without incident (checklists in hand help us to remember everything). Carm took off as soon as we were set up to play golf and I mostly just lazed about and read but did get out for a 50 minute brisk walk. Life is good. Today we walked and read, walked and read, oh yeah – and ate smoked salmon… Grace LOVES it and gobbles any bits that we give her. I don’t know how good it is for her (the salt), but the omega 3’s are probably as good for her as they are for us.

We thought that we would have done more camping now that we are retired but actually the reverse is true. The weather in April and the beginning of May kept us home, and then family responsibilities kept us home in June, so here we are – June 30th and only on our 3rd camp. If we were still at work I’d be totally depressed about missing out but now it doesn’t bother me much at all. But still, lets hope the rest of the summer camping pans out.


Happy Canada Day

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  1. Looks like they have every direction covered! Cute picture.