Monday, July 4, 2011

Hands Across the Sky

On our drive home through the countryside we passed over a set of railway tracks – the grass along the verge had just been cut, the floral fragrance of clover and other summer flowers mixed with the pungent smell of creosote from the railway ties took me back in time to summer in Winnipeg, where we lived for a few years. I knew at once that summer truly is here and was washed with that feeling of school time summer vacation that stretched endlessly.

The front of the house had a flower bed edged with old railway ties. In the hot summer sun the smell of the creosote would mix with the fragrance of the flowers and the baking lawn creating a strange mix of sweet and chemical. I was in grades 5 to 7 when we lived in that house, just past the age of playing in creeks catching fish, but still young enough to camp in the backyard. I had a little transistor radio that would play the songs of the 70s with it’s tinny little speakers. I recall one time walking with my friends down a treed avenue with Uncle Albert by Wings playing on the radio. The day was hot and filled with the dusty smells of summer.

I am instantly transported in time by those smells and sounds. Do you have any time travel triggers?


We had a really great time camping this past weekend – we both needed the get-away, but Carm more than me.


I’ve made a change to my blog – now it only outputs one post per page – that should help those with pay by the Meg plans.

BTW – I’m so happy to have a reader that leaves comments! Thanks – I know someone is out there now :-)