Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do You Like Your Own Cooking?

I’m going to come clean and say that yes, I usually do. Maybe I’d be more discerning if we ate out more, but the fact is we don’t so unless I want to be miserable all the time I’d better not be too critical of my own cooking.

I made a new recipe the other night - Chilli Stuffed Peppers. It was a simple low-fat vegetarian recipe from FatFreeVegan (I used 2 jalapenos though instead of 1). We had it in red peppers which were really delicious, and tonight we tried it in tortilla’s along with a coleslaw (fat-free yogurt, spices, vinegars).  (Carm interjects here to say that he thought both were great). We are occasionally going wildly off course in the healthy eating plan, but try to balance that out.


It was a typical boring Sunday for us – I clipped the dogs in the morning (yes already – I wanted them spruced up for our big trip), and then reading on the swing in the afternoon. Retirement is stressful ;-)


One of the blogs I read has been catching some flack because they write about themselves… I don’t get that. What else is a blog going to be but about the writer’s own experiences and opinions. I try to write my blog as if we were conversing at the kitchen table, maybe I’m recounting my day while you make coffee – I  know it is one sided (and I wish it wasn’t) – but I try to be genuine. I figure that if someone doesn’t like what I’m writing about they won’t read it. I do wonder sometimes about why I blog and who it is for. Perhaps it is a place for me to explore and record what is going on in my life. One of these days I’m going to print it for my records – it will be fun to read back 20 years from now – I’m sure it will all seem rather trite!

It is always brave to say what everyone thinks.
Georges Duhamel