Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All Spruced Up

We are back to the normal routine of coffee and computer in the morning – I really must do something to break this addiction to bits and bytes – sitting on the deck sipping my coffee would be a much nicer way to start the day.

Walking down the laneway this morning one of the blue spruces away from the house caught my eye. I’ve never seen it look so BLUE. It’s compatriots are blueish and don’t stand out with such vibrancy. These spruces were planted by the previous owners of the property, they planted a variety of coniferous trees, many of which didn’t make it. When we purchased the property we too planted a few thousand Norway Spruce mainly along the roads (and along the property line to the north where our closest neighbours have their house – strangely none of those trees took). It took a long time (it was 17 years ago) but they are finally looking like trees. They are beautiful in the winter (but let’s not go there right now!). In the summer they make great nesting sites for so many birds.

In the picture below you can also see the poplars that we planted along with them to be “nursery” trees. Many didn’t survive, but some have grown quite large. It might be time to cut some of them down now so they don’t crowd out the spruces so much.

What pleasures have there been? The feeling of the hot, humid air caressing my skin ; the smells, the summer smells… summer is awash with fragrance, so much the opposite of winter which is barren of scent, although perhaps the absence of scent is a scent in itself ; swinging on the backyard swing ; drinking a frosty banana blueberry smoothie – so tasty and cool ; in the living room the dappled green light was like a shady forest glen – it feels cool and peaceful.


Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another.
George Eliot


Bless those who challenge us to grow,
to stretch, to move beyond the knowable,
to come back home to our essential nature.
Bless those who challenge us
for they remind us of doors we have closed
and doors we have yet to open.

Native American Prayer

Attributed to the Navajo Indian Tribe