Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Crack Me Up

We are definitely in a drought – the earth is opening in places with large gaping cracks and crevices… I mean, you could lose someone down one of these cracks. I hope we got some rain in the next few days. Although with my luck the rain will start the day we leave on our camping trip and stop the day we get back…


Every now and again I am struck with the thought that we are retired and not just on holiday – even still, after 6 months, it seems unreal at times. I still find myself surprised, and then pleased, that I can make plans during the week, or that we can just head out any day of the week to go for a drive or have a little outing, whenever we feel like it! I suppose someday it will no longer be a surprise, but for now I’ll just enjoy the little rush of happiness that comes with the realization :-)

Today’s word of the day is chasten (CHAY-sun verb - 1: to correct by punishment or suffering : discipline; also : purify ; 2a : to prune (as a work or style of art) of excess, pretence, or falsity : refine b : to cause to be more humble or restrained : subdue). Spike has been chastised many times for straying too far from the house. Spike has tremendously modified his behaviour over the last two or three months and can be trusted to stick around (mostly). When he does wander off it tends to be that he’s followed his nose into the hay field. The nice thing is we can have all the dogs outside with us when we are working or relaxing, without having to keep a close eye on the little one! The power of good treats paired with lots and lots of training and enhanced by age (he’s now 3 which seems to be when the brain kicks in)!

If we do not feel grateful for what we already have,
what makes us think we'd be happy with more?

Author Unknown