Monday, July 18, 2011

Silent Gratitude

Silent gratitude isn't very much to anyone.
Gertrude Stein

We are often grateful to those who do little and large things to ease the passage of our lives. We may be grateful to a sibling who helps our parents when we can’t, we may be thankful to a friend who gives us a shoulder to cry on, or even grateful to the shop clerk who smiles and gives a kind word when we are not at our best. How often do we thank them? Today the checkout clerk at Dollarama commented on my weight loss – I of course thanked her for noticing :-)

When we were at the pool place checking the water Carm asked me “if the pool died would we get another one?”. To which I answered YES! We thought about not opening the pool this year, but oh what a mistake that would have been. It’s been hot hot hot and since we aren’t working anymore, we are at home so much more. The pool has been well used and I think worth the hassle that it takes (okay – here’s one of those grateful things that I should thank for! – thanks honey!).

This might be one of the greatest dancing songs every – fondly remembered from my time dating a Trinidadian oh so long ago. They had tons of great music like this – the whole family would go to the basement and play funky music and dance – mom and dad too – they were so much fun! (and I won’t even get into the food – yummmm).

The Queen Anne’s Lace has been starting to bloom – it is one of my favourite summer flowers. I love how it blooms wherever it may, ditches, edges of farm fields, my backyard! The blooms remind me of a hot summer day and I love their casual demeanour. I wanted to have them in my wedding bouquet, but nobody else thought it would be a good idea so I stuck with traditional flowers.