Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dark Clouds Roiled

I shouldn't have spoken so soon. The wind was picking up and dark clouds roiled above us. We weren't at the farthest part of the park from the villetta, but we weren't close either. Suddenly the heavens opened, pelting us with icy cold drops of water. Running toward the shortcut, we remembered the picnic shelter - the only one in the park. Veering to the left we got there just as it started pouring. The dogs shivered beside us, cowering at the frigid wet wind blustering through the shelter.

The whole day was really too good to be true. The forecast had called for rain most of the day, but up till our walk in the late afternoon we'd been spared. There had even been some sunny breaks (one of which had lured us into our trek). The rain did eventually abate and we got home with just wet feet. Right way I flipped on the fireplace and got a two out to dry the dogs. It seems toastier and cosier since our foray into real fall weather.

Yesterday I made another 10,000 steps, but I fell short 1000 steps today. The dogs are thrilled with the challenge, always up for a walk, wait - strike that, except when it is raining, none of them like the rain.

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