Sunday, October 12, 2014

House of the Rising Sun

The first and only song that I could play by heart on the piano played on the radio this afternoon bringing forth a memory of being trotted out like some sort of trained animal to play for guests. I honestly wasn’t that good, and knew it. That said, what a great song to know, and I wish I could still play it, even in my clumsy fashion.

I lay there in the light of the sun which hung low on the horizon (you know, like a rising sun) – it is October – but the heat felt like July. Whatever the sun hit was warmed, but the air remained unaffected and stroked my bare arms like a cool hand.

It really was a glorious day, perhaps the nicest day of the year, the same way a rare bottle of wine tastes better than the ones in the discount bin. If the payment for this golden day was the countless days of dreary grey and cold, well, it was worth every droplet of cold rain.

We started out with breakfast at the golf club, and then headed over to the flea market – I wanted a hair cut, and Marilyn does a great cut for only $10.

Back at the camp, I got the dogs and headed out for a long walk, just a light windbreaker to keep me warm. By the time the walk was 1/2 done, my jacket was tied around my waist like a fashion statement from the 80s that had slipped from my shoulders.

When I arrived back, Carm was talking to the neighbours, who were curious about Grace. She loves to come outside and be admired, especially with the sun is shining so brightly. She modelled her bright red tail and grey cloak edged with lace, impressing them with her beauty.

We all must have visited for close to an hour, then we settled back into our chairs to enjoy the last rays of the day.

Magnificent. Fantabulous! Well… I think all that sunshine has rattled my brain and caused an effluent of rhapsodising!


Travelling back to Friday:

There wasn't much sun in the sky on Friday, but there was sunshine all about with my mom visiting for the night. Carm had his annual bridge tournament, so mom came by for a night of mother/daughter time. We try to have at least one and better yet two times a year that we can talk about things that only mothers and daughters talk about. If my sister Kirsten would have been here it would have been perfect.

Saturday was mostly cloudy and cool, but I did get Grace and the rest of us outside for at least 1/2 hour of sunshine. It didn't last long though - the ever present grey cloud returned.

On Thursday morning you could have fired a cannon through the campground without hitting, or even coming close, to anything; by Friday afternoon it would have been hard to get a clear shot, and on Saturday you'd have no chance. Everywhere you looked on the weekend there were people out walking their dogs, or huddled by campfires (I wonder if that weird sound I hear is of people's teeth chattering!). We Canadians (not me) are a pretty hardy bunch to be spending all their time outdoors this weekend. I will admit to being a warm weather outdoors person - when it is cold and/or windy, I'm more than happy to sit inside my comfy trailer looking out of one of its many huge windows ;-)


Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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