Friday, October 17, 2014

I will Dream

We got home safely and started the flurry of activity to get unpacked. No, not just unpacked but put away for the winter. All the food had to come in (we could have skipped the grocery store for a week); then anything that might freeze; and then stuff that we might need in the winter.

As much of the stuff we had in the camper, it pales in comparison to what is in the house…

Partway through this process I had to stop for a cup of tea - I was about to have a melt down. The house looked like a shambles, and trying to fit another house worth of food, etc. into our already filled house was frustrating. Cupboards bulged and shelves were disorganized. Things were just stuffed in any nook or cranny. I was feeling fragile, like a balloon about to be popped. Bins of stuff sat on the counters waiting for a destination. After being in a small space with no clutter, my huge house seemed stuffed with bric a brac and other non-essentials. There was just too much stuff and I felt like it was going to make my head explode and that I'd start screaming and breaking things - throwing things out the doors.

The letter that had been in our mailbox taunted me: call us if you are interested in selling. Hum. A smaller house, with less stuff, and smaller, more manageable yard seemed tempting. It would free up time to travel around, live in our perfect little house on wheels, move with the weather. Just a simple home base to come back to for Christmas and other important family times. I felt a little calmer just thinking about this possibility.

Tea time…

A few hours later… after a cup of tea, a hot bath and a garlicky shwarma, I am resigned. Winter is coming. It will be cold. The roads will be slippery. And it will be okay.

I'll get back onto the treadmill. I'll start making healthy meals again. I will obsess about healthy eating. I will plan our trips for next summer. I will dream ;-)

<italic>Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.</italic> ~Oscar Wilde,


  1. Yesterday I had the feeling that rooms in regular houses were all way to big and cluttered. We were at a house, and I felt quit comfortable coming home to my little space in the Alfa.

  2. As one who has very little space, let me advise you that going to a smaller space is just plain difficult. If you think your large or medium house is cluttered, imagine that stuff in smaller rooms! Ugh!