Monday, October 20, 2014

Measures Taken

When my eyes popped open at 12:30am last night I knew I had to do something. I lay there for quite a while, struggling with the lure of another day or two of productive whirlwind. I know the signs though - reduced sleep and obsession with organizing - both sure indicators of impending (or already descending) hypo-mania. It is easy to be seduced by this mood, but I know from experience that the euphoria can change to an irritable anger in a second. It is like a switch has been toggled. Also, depression often follows this elevated state. Again, at the flick of a switch.

I fought with temptation for a while, reminding myself that my relative wellness these last few years is because I catch these things in the bud, taking steps before the mood event has a chance to get a foothold. Extra medications are one of those steps. So I got up and reluctantly did the responsible thing - took my emergency meds… even though I also knew that a foggy grogginess was in store for the next day.


It seemed to work… eventually. Today I was busy for part of the day, and then chilled for a while in the afternoon. It was good, and I felt glad that I had taken action right away.

Tonight, I attended a writing workshop at the local library. I got there a bit early so had time to socialize before the lecture started - most of the attendees were from the writing group that I go to on Thursdays. I learned some tips that I'll be putting into use - but not tonight! too woolen headed for much creativity ;-)

You can overcome your circumstances or you can let your circumstances overcome you. ~Richie Norton

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  1. Congratulations on being able to recognize your own symptoms in time for action. We all have our individual challenges. Knowing how to stay even is yours.