Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Alien Invasion

The invasion of alien Asian Beetles began today. Their orange Volkswagen Beetle shaped bodies fly awkwardly through the air in their quest to find somewhere warm. With the sun shining on the side of the camper, we are their destination. Thousands of them crawl over the surface, looking for any nook or cranny they can fit into. Surprisingly, they squeeze themselves through gaps in the door and windows to find refuge inside. Ugh. They march across the ceiling and walls, congregating in spots of unknown desirability. Did I mention that they bite? And that they stink if touched. Ugh.

Yesterday was grey with a bit of a breeze, but no rain in the forecast. It didn't seem like the ideal day for sitting around outside so we decided to drive to Lancaster to the Rob McIntosh factory outlet. We took the scenic route along #2, the windy windy road (breezy, curvy) following the shoreline of the St. Lawerence River. I found some deals at RobM but wasn't tripping over them, still, I got what I wanted along with a few other small gifts which made the trip worthwhile.

Today we were actually able to sit outside for a while after we got back from our walk. Oh, and after we dremeled the dogs' nails - a job of epic struggle with the need for two people. I hope the dogs get used to this procedure. I'm trying to get the nails to shorten up a lot so am aggressive with the dremel, once the nails stop clicking I will be able to ease up a bit.

At the grocery store today I broke my no-meat rule and bought 1/2 a turkey breast to cook for Thanksgiving. I'll cook it in the crockpot along with some sweet potato. We'll get some brussels sprouts, and I have a box of scalloped potatoes. I'll make an apple crisp and we'll have a bottle of bubbles. Maybe we'll even have a campfire.

"With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things." ~William Wordsworth