Saturday, October 17, 2015

Snow drifts on my shoulders

Rain, snow, sleet, ice pellets, bright autumn sun... WIND. Our final day of camping has us grabbing fleece vests and sweaters to keep warm when we venture beyond the toasty warm inside (can't be freezing Grace!). It is cccooolllddd. I suppose it is nothing compared to what we'll be faced with in a month or so…

The campground filled up yesterday - people with kids camping in hybrids (tent ends for the beds), a little a-liner, and numerous trailers, 5th wheels (which is what ours is), fancy class a's and c's (google it) occupy the park. Many of them can be seen shivering in winter coats & hats, their chairs pulled up close to a campfire. Sorry. I'm not THAT into a campfire that I want to freeze my $$$ off! I'll cuddle on the sofa with Carm, Spike between us (he always seems to be there), and listen to music, read, or, write.

I am happy.

Most of the time.

It is our last day before reality befalls.

I'm trying not to think about it but the fact niggles into my brain, tweaking the unhappy chord. (Kabira is having a bad dream too - maybe she's thinking that it will be over as well. Or maybe she's dreaming that camping will never end!). We've made a pact that we will get out more this winter and do more things. Museums, movies, meeting up with friends will fill up the long hours. Of course it is easy to think these things when the roads aren't covered in a white, ice sheath.

With all the precipitation the roads were back to being muddy. 12 paws splashing through muck = 3 baths… so… we took the easy way out and loaded them into the truck for a drive to one of the group areas. A grassy field is nicer to walk through than a 'puddle dotted not much gravel' road - even when the wind was whipping at our faces and hands. There are several ancient apple trees that bear beautiful apples - large, red ones with a tart, crisp 'bite'. Carm picked a few while I did a few circuits of the area with the dogs. It wasn't a long walk but at least we all got to feel the wind tear at our hair.

I wonder what I'll make with those apples?

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