Monday, October 12, 2015

New backyard

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday evening with a traditional dinner. I cooked 1/2 turkey breast and sweet potatoes in the crockpot. The brussels sprouts were done in the microwave, as were the scalloped potatoes (which I will admit to having cheated with a box). I set the table with an off-white cut lace tablecloth, silver and gold patterened cloth napkins, our best camper 'crystal', silver cutlery. We had flickering candles and classical music playing softly in the background. We talked about thanksgivings in the past and gave thanks for all that we have and are. There was lots to be thankful for.

Today was moving day. Our backyard moved from Riverside to the Bird Sanctuary where we will have our final days before the long winter. Last year we had a fantastic day for the move and I think we were in shorts and sandals. This year was just as nice - we didn't change out of our long pants, but should have, at least for the walk across the causeway and onto the other island. Spectacular! 26C!!!

The weather for the next few days looks pitiful so we'll have to find out rainy day outings to amuse ourselves with. Somehow, we'll survive ;-)