Monday, October 5, 2015

Writing friends and workshop

A jumble of objects both shiny and dull lay on the tables and shelves all around us. Every surface was crammed with objects that, depending on your state of mind, were either treasure or garbage. I looked out the window to confirm that we were above ground - the musty smell of basement was starting to overpower my nostrils. My headache started. I was looking for something specific and my eyes grew tired from scanning the thousands, no tens of thousands, of goods (good might be the wrong word as most everything was bad). Broken dolls, plastic doodads, odd pieces of glass and pottery, and old rusty tools distracted my eyes. I finally gave up and left the flea market empty handed.

Once we got back to camp we leashed up the dogs for a walk. As we were nearing the registration office a trailer pulled up and two people got out. "Della?"… the woman turned around. Yes! It was Della from writing group, with her husband Keith. We chatted for a while and made plans to get together later in the day. I dusted and vacuumed and tidied to ready our little home for our guests. Conversation started slowly as we got the 'feel' for each other, and soon we were chatting away happily. Before we knew it the evening had passed and it was time to part ways. But not without making plans for the next evening.

Gosh, the fun doesn't end! Today we drove back to the village so that I could take the first day of the Creative Writing Workshop that Don, from the writing group, is putting on. I'm excited to take my writing in a different direction, plus part of the workshop is getting a critique from the other participants. Finally I will feel that I'm not writing in a vacuum.

My pleasure today is standing outside in my shirtsleeves. It wasn't sunny, nor was it particularly warm, but it was still t-shirt weather! (well... I may be stretching it a bit... I had just taken my coat off after a long walk...)

So there you have it - two full days of activity and socializing - it doesn't get much better than this :-)