Friday, October 9, 2015

Dark day of autumn rain

Thursday (yesterday) we drove back home so that I wouldn't miss my writing group meeting. I read a story about what our work days were like with taking care of parrots and horses. I wasn't happy with it, and after Carm read it for me I was even less happy as we had different memories about how our day went. He remembers doing the chores that I recall doing. How could our memories of something that we did day in and day out for years be so different? Oh well. I read it anyway and resolved to make a better effort for next week.  Carm had a more productive time at home - he did laundry, checked on the pool and other chores.

We were blessed with another beautiful afternoon once we returned to our villetta home. It wasn't very warm, but in the sun, and on site 212 with its special microclimate, we sat in short-sleeves, squinted our eyes and raised our faces to the sun. Each moment of sunshine is precious as we relentlessly march towards winter.

Many of the trees here have not started changing. There are a few spectacular ones but, unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me when we went for a walk yesterday. Today is grey and rainy with mucky roads so we won't be venturing very far on foot. I brought my small camera with me when we went into Morrisburg for lunch so was able to get a photo of the most spectacular one.

My pleasure for today? Getting the makings of a soup into the crockpot by noon. It will simmer all day, fragrant aromas of curry and sage pushing away the cold gloom. The fireplace flickering and a pot on the "stove" makes me feel warm all over.

"My sorrow, when she's here with me, thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be; she loves the bare, the withered tree; she walks the sodden pasture lane."  ~Robert Frost