Saturday, October 31, 2015

Four Letter Words

The Gods unleashed their fury on us Wednesday - gale force winds and driving rain kept us inside for much of the day. We ran outside with the dogs on almost every lull in the onslaught, just in case it didn't let up again. I would have liked a fire, but by the time I mentioned it to Carm the weather was easing down, and I'd finished writing for the day. I've discovered that the wing chair in front of the fireplace is perfect for prose. There is a small round marble table the perfect height for my tablet. I can imagine many a snowy day this winter cuddling up with my tablet, and a fire roaring. It almost makes winter sound good!

Speaking of winter… you know when you have some idea of what an event will be like, even though you've never been to one before so have nothing to baseline it on? We'll today Carm was 'shooting' (it sounds so much more impressive than hitting a golf ball) at a competition today. The thermometer in the car read -3C when we arrived at the golf course (yes, I went along and was one of 4 other spouses…). I had a vision in my head of gathering in the clubhouse, which in my mind was a fancy building with tall stone fireplace (with a crackling fire of course), and lots of windows so we could see the 'action' (and I use that word lightly). We'd drink hot chocolate and politely applaud each try.


It was cold (I know I've already mentioned that but it bears repeating). We got there way too early. The golfers stood in the cold talking amongst themselves waiting for it to start. Carm and I walked waayyy out to the tee to see the lie, then walked all the way back (through some puddles) to the car. I stayed in the car studying the map, which is so out of date that it doesn't even show the 416, planning our trip for next spring. When it was time to start Carm came to get me and we walked waayyy out to the tee again where thirty plus golfers stood waiting their turn. The wind picked up enough for there to be wind chill.

With an audience of 30 plus seasoned golfers staring at you it is no surprise that some of them choked, sending the ball skipping just a short way down the fairway. Carm finally had his turn (he wasn't closest to the hole). I stood around talking with a few other frozen golf wives before heading back to the clubhouse to warm up. There was no roaring fire, but they were serving up chili - I passed until Carm was back. I stood inside talking to one of the owners, and then headed back to the car to study the ancient road system some more…

At last! I could see Carm's grey head bobbing down the fairway in a clump of others, his clubs glinting in the sunlight. Strike that. There was no sun. But I could still see Carm making his way over green and around rough. Back at the clubhouse they were still serving up delicious chili and garlic bread.

Aren't you astonished at how many golf terms I know ;-)

They call it golf because all of the other four-letter words were taken. ~Raymond Floyd

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