Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lazy contentment

Saturday was pretty much a write-off for me, that is if you think of doing nothing but lazing around as a wasted day. It was sunny here, but cool with a gusty breeze. Carm left before 7am for a bridge tournament - he and his friend Bruce enter every year - leaving me alone for the day.

I'm sure everyone knows that a bit of time alone is a good thing. I slept in, then took the dogs for a short walk. I nestled on the sofa with Spike and a coffee, loathe to do much else. I didn't read nor did I write - my brain seemed to have hitched a ride away with Carm. Instead, I surfed the internet, looking at this and that, but nothing of any importance. We (dogs and I, too cold for Grace) sat outside in the sun for a while, we (same we) went for a walk a few times. We all listened to music and once it got dark I turned on the tv and watched an inane but sweet movie called 'Enchanted'. It was pretty much a wasted day, but a good one.

Every time I am stuck inside the camper I grow to love it more. Everything about it is pleasing to my eye and the space fits me like a glove. On a cold day the electric fireplaces adds more than warmth, the flickering of the fake flames adds a golden visual warmth. Kabira likes to curl up in front of it - dog in front of hearth is quintessentially home.

Carm got home around 8:30 with tales of bridge and their first place win. The dogs and I were outside for the bedtime out when the rumble of the diesel truck engine alerted us to his arrival. The dogs dragged me down the road for a family re-unite.

This morning we had another adventure in the land of everything junk. I wandered among the tables and what did my wondering eyes see? A thick wool blanket that would be good for Grace's inside or outside cage. I kept looking and found a silver tray that will fit two of my candles and another dish for another candle. I'd been looking for something. Nothing had a price, so with finds gathered into my arms I approached the vendor. "$5", "and what about for this?", "$5 for everything.". SOLD!

Since we left on our Presquile trip in the middle of August, I have had day after day of contentment. Just simple serenity, not a wild euphoric high. The ups and downs that normally affect me have been noticeably absent with just a few niggly exceptions. I'm trying to memorize this so that, hopefully, I can recall this feeling when things go bad again.

Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.”   ~Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky