Friday, October 16, 2015

Sunshine on my shoulders

We started out on our walk this afternoon under leaden skies. There was a cool breeze, but we were all happy to be enjoying a walk. Heading east I was surprised when I felt a warm sun on my shoulders. Spirits rose. Sun! It played hide and seek behind the clouds, teasing us with its golden rays. We walked to group camp 'a' where we had let the dogs out yesterday. They strained at their leashes as we got close - no one can say that dogs are dumb. A click of the leash and dash away, dash away, run all you can. Of course I had treats in my pocket so we played come and get a treat and then you can play some more ;-)

The group camping area is like a Turner painting. River in the background. A carpet of short grass is shaded by majestic maples, their autumn crowns golden far above the ground. The scene calls out for a picnic blanket set with a bottle of wine, cheese and crusty bread. The man should be in a dapper jacket with white shirt and brown pants. The woman would wear a long white dress trimmed with lace. She'd have a sun hat with a wide pale blue ribbon that she would casually toss to the side.

Once the dogs had run themselves tired we continued on down the shore to the next camping area. From there we got on the road that led further east. We hit the end of the island and turned around to come back to camp. We saw a deer that was about 50yds away from us. We all stood stock still sizing each other up until she decided she'd skidadle. Hang on tight - that was high on the excitement level for the mutts.

When we got back I started emptying cupboards and other storage spots as I had bought a new frying pan (which will replace 3 that I already have) and wouldn't you know it, it just doesn't fit in the oven like the others do. Darn handle is too long and Carm refuses to saw it shorter! So I did the shuffle and found a place for it. The good news is that a big pile of heavy stuff will leave the camper when we get home.

Last night was WILD. The wind thrashed the sides of the camper, driving the cold rain against the windows. We pulled all the blinds and closed the curtains against the fury. I kept checking the radar hoping to see an end to the rain before it was time to take the dogs out, but no, it didn't seem like it would end. Just in time the rain let up enough for us to go. I put on my rubber boots and my wind breaker. I leashed the dogs. I opened the door and holding on to it so it didn't smash against the camper I climbed down the steps. The dogs stood at the top and braced themselves against my downward pull. They were aghast that I would even suggest they leave the comfort of their beds to venture into the maelstrom. I called Carm and he got behind them to push, while I pulled. Whoosh. Down the steps they came. We (quickly) trudged to the edge of the road and they (quickly) did what they had to do. There was no way they were going to agree to a longer walk so we dashed inside - where we were snug as bugs in rugs.

Facebook has this 'thing' where it shows  you your posts from years past on today's date. My posts are generally my blog and today there were two of them. I read them both and wasn't surprised to see what was in them. We were camping at the Bird Sanctuary and getting close to the last day of camping for both posts. There was the usual lament about winter as well as the enjoyment of being outdoors. This year the weather has been colder so indoors will be the favored place! Still, the walking is the same and is lovely. It seems that for one of the years I found the perfect quote for these last few days so I'll do a repeat and include it a second time.

"And now, my poor old woman, why are you crying so bitterly? It is autumn. The leaves are falling from the trees like burning tears- the wind howls. Why must you mimic them?" ~Mervyn Peake