Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fe Fi PHO Fum!

Oh my gosh - I think I might have a sunburn. Not really, but it was that nice out today. Temps reached a high of 12C which is over 53F - wowzers! And it is only March 7th. Carm decided he wanted a Playbook so into town we went. First stop Costco where aside from groceries Carm got some shirts and shorts - me? I got a little organizing shelf for in the pantry. Then onto Dollarama where I scored a few more plastic bins to sort things into.

We broke up the shopping with a stop at a little DIVE called Pho May. Carm had the Pho and I had noodles with 3 kinds of bbq meats. Oh My Goodness it was GOOD! That has to be one of my mostest favourite meals. If there was one in our village I'd be there everyday. As it turns out we have to drive all the way into the big city - boo hoo.

Finally it was Carm's turn to get his TOY! He razzed me when I got my transformer (prun) that it was just an expensive toy... blah blah... as it turns out I use it for far more than playing games. Writing my blog counts as productive doesn't it? That's why I've christened it my prun(e) - productivity unit extraordinaire! His will just be a playbook ;-)

So - who got the best treats today? It was certainly Carm's turn!

Now back to the lovely day - I was outside in just a long sleeve top, no coat. I stuck my coat on to go for a little walk in the lower pond paddock - I need a place for dog treats and my camera, but no hat or mitts. My coat was open and I was still too hot! The snow had the texture that could only be had on a day like today – I can’t figure out how to explain it, but it was soft, but not fluffy. A bit granular, but still soft.

Carm washed the car while I was gone and then we sat with "lemonade" (water with a dash of lemon juice) on the front deck. Shirtsleeves in the sun. Oh hurrah - spring is on its way.

Do you watch Dr. Oz? Last night he had a program about anorexia. I was crying for those women - what a terrible, terrible affliction. The brain is such a fragile vessel. We were talking about it in the car this morning - Carm was having trouble understanding how someone could get to that place, but I pointed out to him that it wasn't that much different from my dark thoughts when depressed. My brain sometimes misfires or the wiring goes wrong so how hard is it to think that their wiring has gone bad too. The amazing thing though is that with the right help this wiring can be fixed. Did you know that there are proana sites on the web to ENCOURAGE people to do this to themselves. They "help" people to become anorexic. Shouldn't there be a law against that? But I guess that's what free speech is all about... (hey - don't get me wrong I'm all for free speech).

My pleasures today are pretty obvious: being outside in spring like weather ; lunch ; the texture of the snow ; dogs playing in the snow ; sitting on the front step with a glass of lemonade.

Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising up every time we fail
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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