Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27... Carm's Birthday

We are sitting in a slightly dumpy little hotel in the Byward Market. The big ones (Westin, Chateau Laurier)  were either booked full or heinously expensive so we thought we'd try this one. It's okay but a bit sad and worn.

The day started out slowly, but we managed to get out of the house by 1pm. With just a few stops on our way to downtown for Costco stuff and lunch we made it to the hotel in time to drop off our bags and head to Chapters. Carm didn't find anything (well he did but he was too cheap to buy it - Too Big to Fail), but I got a Vegetarian cookbook. There are some interesting recipes to try.

Now we are waiting for Bruce & Tina to join us for a drink and then we'll head over to the Keg for our annual giant steak. Didn't I just mention a vegetarian cookbook? Oh well - we aren't turning vegan per say, but we are cutting meat back and most meals are vegan - more and more studies are coming out showing that red meat especially is just not that good for us.

It is strange not having Grace & the dogs around - we will certainly miss them tonight! We don't leave them very often.