Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Patio Lanterns

It was another record breaking day today - 24C. I was watching the birds flying around establishing their territories, finding mates and other spring time behaviours – I wonder if they know this weather is an aberration?

To celebrate the first day of spring and the unseasonably warm weather we headed into town and met friends Bruce & Tina for lunch in the market. On a PATIO. Outside! We started off at a table in the shade - it was comfortable but we wanted to be in the sun so we asked to move. Once we were in the sunny location it wasn't long before we were wishing we had stayed in the shade. Who would have thunk it? Too hot in March? As soon as we were finished our meal we snuck back over to the shade to order our dessert. Tina and I had our hearts set on sharing a chocolate peanut butter cup pie (it sounded soooo good), unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) they were all out - drat.


On our way home we stopped at a little Asian grocery store for a few things. I never tire of poking around the shelves looking at all the strange ingredients. They had big meaty pork neck  bones for $0.88lb so we picked up some of those for the dogs. We also got them some dried anchovies (no salt) that they love as treats - and probably healthier for them than hotdogs!

As we were at the cash a bunch of African looking men came up behind us -  they had tripe, some other gross white stuff, heart, and some ugly chunk of meat and bone, as well as a bottle of hot sauce and soy sauce. I'm guessing that it was their turn to make supper but I gotta tell you - yuck. Years ago, BC (before Carm) I dated a Trinidadian man. At the first hint of hot weather he would go to the grocery store and bring home all kinds of meat to bbq. Thankfully nothing gross, just chicken parts, steak, and pork. We'd have these big feasts of meat - I guess there might have been vegetables, but I don't remember any. More likely oranges, mangos and other such fruit. He had this hot sauce that was out of this world HOT! I couldn't eat it, it was just that hot, but he would have it with the oranges. We had a lot of fun - oh to be 21 again!

Whoosh - back to today from that long trek down memory lane - how did I even get there? Oh yeah, the men in the grocery store... Well, anyway, as soon as we got home and into our home clothes we headed out for a walk with the dogs. They were so happy to get outside and run around. I think they felt good with their hair cuts and baths. Even Kabira was panting and happy looking. She's not happy unless she's about to ignite from the heat.





1. waking up to another sunny day
2. strawberry smoothies with just a touch of ice cream
3. eating lunch with friends on a patio
4. getting home to the country after being in the busy, stinky city
5. hearing Grace whistle through the open windows

Dear Lord, I'm so grateful I'm still loved.
Vivien Leigh