Wednesday, September 12, 2012

chortle, laugh, gafaw

8:40 pm Tuesday night

what can I say? I can hardly type... Ruth is here for girls night and I don't think we've stopped laughing... oh we did, when we poured fresh drinks - that requires steady thinking - for a minute anyway ;-)

10:30 pm - vegan peanut butter cookies and maybe another beer... if it's vegan it must be good right! And if I told you how hard it was to write this...

11:50 pm -  I'm in bed, trying to type this, but seriously -  how could I! My stomach is sore from laughing so much... and what did we laugh so hard about... the time Grizzle killed those kittens... how could we laugh you might ask? Well, it as about 10  years ago.. and what else can you do in such heinous situation? After all, at least it was Ruth and John that were staying over that night... anyone else would have been horrified beyond reason... they did end up taking Kitty (now Cassie) home to a safer place to live. I can't say more, but I guess you had to be here/there....


10:00 am Wednesday morning

groan.... What was I thinking... I might just need the "hair of the dog" this morning. Perhaps a bit too much liquid cheer, or maybe it was just the late night...

We had such a good time last night - I can't remember laughing so much nor can I remember the last time I was so silly. It was fun :-)  Ruth had brought some knitting along so she could teach me - ha ha I hardly think so. We would have had to stop talking so much!

Grace had a good time too since she had friends over for a sleep over. Ruth has two of  our Timneh babies, including our first Timneh hatch. Cato  is a funny bird with a large vocabulary - she's quite a character. As is Bailey - he's pretty funny too and has been known to swear a blue streak (picked up from his first home - Ruth and John aren't swearers.)

I'm without an internet connection until Carm comes down so this won't get posted in a timely manner. I have serious withdrawal without the world wide  web at my fingertips.