Monday, September 17, 2012

Me... At 50

50 Pleasures for 50 Years

In no particular order!

1. western bling
2. music - classical, Irish, 70s, rock ... pretty much everything
3. dogs - unconditional love
4. wide open views
5. houses with lots of windows
6. sweatshirts
7. dinnerware - what can I say, I love plates & dishes
8. the smell of baking bread
9. sunshine
10. crisp winter snow
11. tomato salads with basil pesto
12. Thai food
13. making love in the afternoon
14. snuggling up under the covers with a book on a rainy day
15. looking out my kitchen window
16. my computer and tablet
17. champagne/bubbles - any reason is a good reason
18. looking at maps
19. overgrown gardens full of flowers
20. sleeping with a little dog pressed against me
21. September - I love the cool, crisp days
22. listening to Grace (parrot) talk
23. wearing jeans
24. my house
25. cowboy boots and my Blundstones
26. having friends over for supper
27. green leaves against a blue, blue sky
28. laughing and being silly
29. white t-shirts
30. cooking
31. raunchy humour
32. Disney movies
33. merino wool socks
34. looking out over still water
35. the smell of autumn
36. lying in bed looking out the high window and seeing the tree branches
37. watching old movies
38. pink peonies
39. my bathtub and all its windows
40. pine trees
41. strong arms
42. a snowy afternoon walk (a special kind of hush)
43. dancing - at weddings, or just around the house
44. Queen Anne's lace
45. going for drives
46. my camper - truly a cabin on wheels
47. a thick rare juicy steak (for the inner carnivore)
48. my family - I am blessed
49. all the pleasures that I've mentioned here over the last few years...
50. and last but not least, Carm

I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful life. Much of it is made possible by my wonderful husband, a man who never ceases to let me know how loved I am. And my parents who always make me feel special. Of course friends and other family members play no small role. When I think to how my life could be, without all those mentioned I am ever more grateful.

Now enough of the maudlin stuff - let's PARTY!


Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.